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Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby. Gefällt Mal. Official Facebook Page for legendary performer BING CROSBY. Visit Bing's official website at spedytor24.eu to..​. Die CD Bing Crosby: The Very Best Of Bing Crosby jetzt probehören und für 8,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Bing Crosby gibt es im Shop. zur News-App zur ePaper-App zur News-App zur ePaper-App zur Desktop-​Version Impressum | AGB | Datenschutz. © - Main-Post GmbH. Bing Crosby​.

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Harry Lillis „Bing“ Crosby war ein US-amerikanischer Sänger und Schauspieler. Mit seiner Bassbariton-Stimme gilt Crosby als einer der erfolgreichsten US-Sänger des Jahrhunderts. Bing Crosby hat bis heute weltweit über eine Milliarde. Harry Lillis „Bing“ Crosby (* 3. Mai in Tacoma, Washington; † Oktober in Madrid) war ein US-amerikanischer Sänger und Schauspieler. Mit seiner​. Im Bing Crosby-Shop bei spedytor24.eu finden Sie alles von Bing Crosby (CDs, MP3, Vinyl, etc.) sowie weitere Produkte von und mit Bing Crosby (DVDs, Bücher​. Bing Crosby eine Kinolegende wird Sein Lied "White Christmas" ist die meistverkaufte Schallplatte aller Zeiten. Er war einer der populärsten. Bing Crosby (Harry Lillis Crosby) wurde am 3. Mai ) als viertes von sieben Kindern einer irisch-amerikanischen Familie in Tacoma (Washington) geboren. Den Künstlernamen Bing erhielt der in Tacoma, Washington, geborene Harry Lillis Crosby auf der Schule, weil er die Comic Strips „The Bingville Bugle“. Die CD Bing Crosby: The Very Best Of Bing Crosby jetzt probehören und für 8,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Bing Crosby gibt es im Shop.

Bing Crosby

Hier spielte er mit einer handverlesenen Besetzung die alten Schlager der Show-​Legende Bing Crosby ein. Crosby galt als großer Jazzfreund,der in seinen. Bing Crosby. CD (Audio CD). Zustand: Gebraucht - Sehr gut, Zustand: Gebraucht - Gut. sofort lieferbar. % SALE %. Neu 6,99 € Sie sparen 3,67 € (53 %). Preis 3. Bing Crosby - Bing Crosby-Christmas Legends - (CD) im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Retrieved November 15, He had more than hit singles during his long career. US 4 13 Wo. The song remains the bestselling single of all time. If I made a mistake in singing a song or in the script, I could have Split Watch Online fun with it, then retain any of the fun that sounded amusing. Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams 1 ed.

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As Time Goes By - Bing Crosby

It's something that the "White Christmas" crooner admitted near the end of his life, as well. Speaking with Barbara Walters in , Bing explained, "When the four boys were growing up, I was very busy, making three, four pictures a year, had the radio [show], and records, and they were in boarding schools.

If that's not all, Crosby also seems to have been obsessed with the idea that his children would grow up corrupted — the norm with celebrity tots.

He was frightened to death that we were going to become what his idea of rich kids were. It's only during Bing's second marriage to wife Kathryn Grant that he finally kicked his paternal instincts up a notch.

I believe he had more time to spend with us as his career was less of a priority later in life. Throughout his career, Bing Crosby presented an idyllic image of himself to the masses.

If you weren't obsessed with Bing at the time, the other perception was that he was an "ultra-square pop crooner" via The Baltimore Sun.

Regardless of which side you were on, one thing was for certain: Bing Crosby was harmless. After Bing's death in , his public persona was dealt a massive blow after his eldest son, Gary Crosby, published a memoir in , Going My Own Way , detailing his father's abusive tendencies.

As American Masters revealed , it would "forever tarnish the public's perception of Crosby. The Baltimore Sun notes that, while some stars, such as Elvis who passed away the same year as Bing Crosby , "evolved into [a] posthumous life," Bing, instead, was buried in pop culture history, with his son's claims "sort of [cutting] him off at the knees.

When Bing Crosby's son, Gary Crosby, published his harrowing memoir, Going My Own Way , in , the A-list crooner wasn't alive to witness the following blow: his son, Lindsay Crosby, sided with his brother, confirming the allegations.

As People revealed at the time , Lindsay's "endorsement [was] surprising: By most accounts, he was Bing's favorite of the four.

When their father was still alive and the boys were already adults, it looks like Bing put time and energy into trying to make sure his sons didn't go astray.

In fact, according to American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered , while Lindsay was struggling with alcohol and depression, Bing considered placing him in a psychiatric ward, concerned for his son's health.

Ultimately, it looks like Lindsay rejected Bing's pleas for help and, sadly, could not get healthy after his father's passing in , either.

In December of , Lindsay committed suicide after learning the family inheritance he had was gone. After years of loneliness coupled with decades of alcohol abuse, Bing Crosby's wife, Dixie Lee, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June of — at the age of Even more tragic was Bing's absence when his wife passed that same year.

As American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered revealed , Lee's doctors decided not to let her know the cancer was terminal, and her husband jet off to Paris for a scheduled movie shoot — so as to not raise suspicion anything was wrong.

Considering Bing Crosby was such a star, the singer didn't even have peace on the day of his wife's funeral. In an ironic twist of fate, Dixie Lee's passing brought the family closer together — if only for a brief period of time.

I believe grief is the most private emotion a human being can have, and I'm going to keep mine that way" via Bing Crosby: Crooner of the Century.

As the years went by and the world changed sonically, Bing Crosby suddenly wasn't the hottest act in Hollywood. Instead, he ducked from center stage and let younger acts take over, such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley.

In that way, we could take out jokes, gags, or situations that didn't play well and finish with only the prime meat of the show; the solid stuff that played big.

We could also take out the songs that didn't sound good. It gave us a chance to first try a recording of the songs in the afternoon without an audience, then another one in front of a studio audience.

We'd dub the one that came off best into the final transcription. It gave us a chance to ad lib as much as we wanted, knowing that excess ad libbing could be sliced from the final product.

If I made a mistake in singing a song or in the script, I could have some fun with it, then retain any of the fun that sounded amusing.

In the evening, Crosby did the whole show before an audience. If he muffed a song then, the audience loved it—thought it was very funny—but we would have to take out the show version and put in one of the rehearsal takes.

Sometimes, if Crosby was having fun with a song and not really working at it, we had to make it up out of two or three parts.

This ad lib way of working is commonplace in the recording studios today, but it was all new to us. One time Bob Burns, the hillbilly comic, was on the show, and he threw in a few of his folksy farm stories, which of course were not in Bill Morrow's script.

Today they wouldn't seem very off-color, but things were different on radio then. They got enormous laughs, which just went on and on.

We couldn't use the jokes, but Bill asked us to save the laughs. A couple of weeks later he had a show that wasn't very funny, and he insisted that we put in the salvaged laughs.

Thus the laugh-track was born. Crosby started the tape recorder revolution in America. In his film Mr. Music , he is seen singing into an Ampex tape recorder that reproduced his voice better than anything else.

Also quick to adopt tape recording was his friend Bob Hope. He gave one of the first Ampex Model recorders to his friend, guitarist Les Paul , which led to Paul's invention of multitrack recording.

His organization, the Crosby Research Foundation, held tape recording patents and developed equipment and recording techniques such as the laugh track that are still in use today.

Mullin continued to work for Crosby to develop a videotape recorder VTR. Television production was mostly live television in its early years, but Crosby wanted the same ability to record that he had achieved in radio.

Mullin had not yet succeeded with videotape, so Crosby filmed the series of minute shows at the Hal Roach Studios, and the "telefilms" were syndicated to individual television stations.

Crosby continued to finance the development of videotape. Bing Crosby Enterprises gave the world's first demonstration of videotape recording in Los Angeles on November 11, Developed by John T.

Mullin and Wayne R. Johnson since , the device aired what were described as "blurred and indistinct" images, using a modified Ampex tape recorder and standard quarter-inch 6.

After it began broadcasting, the station was sold within a year to Northern Pacific Radio and Television Corporation. Crosby was a fan of thoroughbred horse racing and bought his first racehorse in In , he became a founding partner of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and a member of its board of directors.

Howard , who owned a successful racing stable that included Seabiscuit. Howard , became one of Crosby's closest friends; Crosby named his son Lindsay after him, and would purchase his room Hillsborough, California estate from Lindsay in A number of Argentine-bred horses were purchased and shipped to race in the United States.

Howard's Seabiscuit over Binglin's horse Ligaroti. The Binglin Stable partnership came to an end in as a result of a liquidation of assets by Crosby, who needed to raise enough funds to pay the hefty federal and state inheritance taxes on his deceased wife's estate.

Crosby had an interest in sports. In the s, his friend and former college classmate, Gonzaga head coach Mike Pecarovich appointed Crosby as an assistant football coach.

Although he was passionate about the team, he was too nervous to watch the deciding Game 7 of the World Series , choosing to go to Paris with Kathryn and listen to its radio broadcast.

Crosby had arranged for Ampex , another of his financial investments, to record the NBC telecast on kinescope. The game was one of the most famous in baseball history, capped off by Bill Mazeroski 's walk-off home run.

He apparently viewed the complete film just once, and then stored it in his wine cellar, where it remained undisturbed until it was discovered in December Crosby was also an avid golfer, and in , he and Bob Hope were voted the Bob Jones Award , the highest honor given by the United States Golf Association in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship.

He is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame , having been inducted in After the war, the event resumed play in on golf courses in Pebble Beach, where it has been played ever since.

In , he became the third person to win the William D. Richardson award, which is given to a non-professional golfer "who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to golf.

Crosby first took up golf at 12 as a caddy, dropped it, and started again in with some fellow cast members in Hollywood during the filming of The King of Jazz.

Crosby was accomplished at the sport, with a two handicap. He competed in both the British and U. Amateur championships, was a five-time club champion at Lakeside Golf Club in Hollywood, and once made a hole-in-one on the 16th at Cypress Point.

Crosby was a keen fisherman especially in his younger days but it was a pastime that he enjoyed throughout his life. In the summer of he spent a week as the guest of Lord Egremont, staying in Cockermouth and fishing on the River Derwent.

His trip was filmed for The American Sportsman on ABC , although all did not go well at first as the salmon were not running.

He did make up for it at the end of the week by catching a number of sea trout. Crosby was married twice. His first wife was actress and nightclub singer Dixie Lee to whom he was married from until her death from ovarian cancer in They had four sons: Gary , twins Dennis and Phillip , and Lindsay.

Amateur champion in golf. Crosby had numerous affairs with other women. Crosby reportedly had an alcohol problem in his youth, and may have been dismissed from Paul Whiteman's orchestra because of it, but he later got a handle on his drinking.

According to Giddins, Crosby told his son Gary to stay away from alcohol, adding, "It killed your mother" and suggesting he smoke marijuana instead.

In later years, it was revealed that Crosby had ties with figures in the Mafia since his youth. Valentine's Day Massacre, was one of Crosby's golfing partners and that Crosby was friends with high-profile mobsters such as Bugsy Siegel and Frank Nitti as well.

Irish Independent journalist George Gordon stated that Crosby "was so addicted to gambling and golf that he did not care who he consorted with.

After Crosby's death, his eldest son, Gary, wrote a highly critical memoir, Going My Own Way , depicting his father as cruel, cold, remote, and physically and psychologically abusive.

We had to keep a close watch on our actions When one of us left a sneaker or pair of underpants lying around, he had to tie the offending object on a string and wear it around his neck until he went off to bed that night.

Dad called it "the Crosby lavalier". At the time the humor of the name escaped me That's how he introduced me to his cronies when he dragged me along to the studio or racetrack By the time I was ten or eleven he had stepped up his campaign by adding lickings to the regimen.

Each Tuesday afternoon he weighed me in, and if the scale read more than it should have, he ordered me into his office and had me drop my trousers I dropped my pants, pulled down my undershorts and bent over.

Then he went at it with the belt dotted with metal studs he kept reserved for the occasion. Quite dispassionately, without the least display of emotion or loss of self-control, he whacked away until he drew the first drop of blood, and then he stopped.

It normally took between twelve and fifteen strokes. As they came down I counted them off one by one and hoped I would bleed early Father O'Malley handled that gang of young hooligans in his parish with such kindness and wisdom that I thought he was wonderful too.

Instead of coming down hard on the kids and withdrawing his affection, he forgave them their misdeeds, took them to the ball game and picture show, taught them how to sing.

By the last reel, the sheer persistence of his goodness had transformed even the worst of them into solid citizens. Then the lights came on and the movie was over.

All the way back to the house I thought about the difference between the person up there on the screen and the one I knew at home. Crosby's younger son Phillip vociferously disputed his brother Gary's claims about their father.

Around the time Gary made his claims, Phillip stated to the press that "Gary is a whining, bitching crybaby, walking around with a two-by-four on his shoulder and just daring people to nudge it off.

My dad was not the monster my lying brother said he was; he was strict, but my father never beat us black and blue, and my brother Gary was a vicious, no-good liar for saying so.

I have nothing but fond memories of Dad, going to studios with him, family vacations at our cabin in Idaho, boating and fishing with him.

To my dying day, I'll hate Gary for dragging Dad's name through the mud. He wrote Going My Own Way out of greed. He wanted to make money and knew that humiliating our father and blackening his name was the only way he could do it.

He knew it would generate a lot of publicity. That was the only way he could get his ugly, no-talent face on television and in the newspapers.

My dad was my hero. I loved him very much. He loved all of us too, including Gary. He was a great father. However, Dennis and Lindsay Crosby confirmed that Bing sometimes subjected his sons to harsh physical discipline and verbal put-downs.

Regarding the writing of Gary's memoir, Lindsay said, "I'm glad [Gary] did it. I hope it clears up a lot of the old lies and rumors. He added, "We were brought up that way.

He was not out to be vicious, to beat children for his kicks. Crosby's will established a blind trust in which none of the sons received an inheritance until they reached the age of Lindsay Crosby died in at age 51, and Dennis Crosby died in at age 56, both by suicide from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Gary Crosby died of lung cancer in at age 62, and Phillip Crosby died of a heart attack in at age Widow Kathryn Crosby dabbled in local theater productions intermittently and appeared in television tributes to her late husband.

Nathaniel Crosby , Crosby's younger son from his second marriage, is a former high-level golfer who won the U. Amateur in at age 19, becoming the youngest winner in the history of that event at the time.

Harry Crosby is an investment banker who occasionally makes singing appearances. Denise Crosby , Dennis Crosby's daughter, is also an actress and is known for her role as Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation and for the recurring role of the Romulan Sela after her withdrawal from the series as a regular cast member.

She also appeared in the film adaptation of Stephen King 's novel Pet Sematary. There have been disputes between Crosby's two families beginning in the late s.

When Dixie died in , her will provided that her share of the community property be distributed in trust to her sons. After Crosby's death in , he left the residue of his estate to a marital trust for the benefit of his widow, Kathryn, and HLC Properties, Ltd.

In , Dixie's trust sued HLC and Kathryn for declaratory relief as to the trust's entitlement to interest, dividends, royalties, and other income derived from the community property of Crosby and Dixie.

Relying on a retroactive amendment to the California Civil Code , Dixie's trust brought suit again, in , alleging that Crosby's right of publicity was community property, and that Dixie's trust was entitled to a share of the revenue it produced.

The trial court granted Dixie's trust's claim. The California Court of Appeal reversed, however, holding that the settlement barred the claim.

In light of the court's ruling, it was unnecessary for the court to decide whether a right of publicity can be characterized as community property under California law.

Following his recovery from a life-threatening fungal infection of his right lung in January , Crosby emerged from semi-retirement to start a new spate of albums and concerts.

In March , after videotaping a concert at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena for CBS to commemorate his 50th anniversary in show business, and with Bob Hope looking on, Crosby fell off the stage into an orchestra pit , rupturing a disc in his back requiring a month in the hospital.

When the electric power failed during his performance, he continued singing without amplification. In September, Crosby, his family and singer Rosemary Clooney began a concert tour of Britain that included two weeks at the London Palladium.

His last concert was in the Brighton Centre on October 10, four days before his death, with British entertainer Dame Gracie Fields in attendance.

The following day he made his final appearance in a recording studio and sang eight songs at the BBC Maida Vale studios for a radio program, which also included an interview with Alan Dell.

On October 13, , Crosby flew alone to Spain to play golf and hunt partridge. Let's get a Coke. Laiseca tried to revive him, but was unsuccessful.

At Reina Victoria Hospital he was administered the last rites of the Catholic Church and was pronounced dead. Paul's Catholic Church in Westwood, [] Crosby was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California; [] his tombstone incorrectly identified his year of birth as instead of A plaque was placed at the golf course in his memory.

The family created an official website [] on October 14, , the 30th anniversary of Crosby's death. As we called him, the Economy-sized Sinatra.

And what a voice. God I miss that voice. I can't even turn on the radio around Christmas time without crying anymore. Bing Crosby Stadium in Front Royal, Virginia , was named after Crosby in honor of his fundraising and cash contributions for its construction from to Crosby wrote or co-wrote lyrics to 22 songs.

His composition " At Your Command " was no. Songs co-written by Crosby include:. Four performances by Bing Crosby have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame , which is a special Grammy award established in to honor recordings that are at least 25 years old and that have "qualitative or historical significance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tacoma, Washington , U. Alcobendas , Madrid , Spain. Dixie Lee. Kathryn Grant. Traditional pop easy listening jazz.

Main article: White Christmas song. Main article: Bing Crosby filmography. Main article: Bing Crosby TV appearances listing. Main article: Bing Crosby discography.

Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams 1 ed. Little, Brown. Los Angeles Times. The New York Times.

Retrieved May 27, Archived from the original on March 11, Retrieved December 29, Retrieved February 29, Retrieved January 19, He always believed he was born on May 2, Retrieved July 5, Archived from the original on December 7, Retrieved January 4, Archived from the original on August 9, Retrieved October 15, Bing Crosby — Day by Day.

Les Oscars obtenus par Bing incluaient aussi des chansons de films moins connus [ 82 ]. Les chansons Sweet Leilani , White Christmas , et In the cool, cool, cool evening furent presque plus populaires que les films qu'elles illustraient [ 82 ].

Wikimedia Commons. Menu de navigation Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Bing et Crosby.

Bing Crosby. Bing Crosby - A Pocketful of Dreams. Little, Brown and Company. Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This is lower than most opera basses care to venture, and they tend to sound as if they were in the cellar when they get Xkino.To. But golf was not Brautpaar Gezeichnet most important reason. Soundtrack zum Film Blue Skies Three, Cal. Around the mids, Crosby's voice Private Life 2019 lower, losing his high notes and abandoning his scat-style jazz sound. Bing Crosby's early career in the mids saw him performing with a musical trio called The Rhythm Boys. Self - Interviewee. Bing Crosby Official Facebook Page for legendary performer BING CROSBY. Visit Bing's official website at spedytor24.eu to learn more about the life and talents of​. Bing Crosby. Gefällt Mal. Official Facebook Page for legendary performer BING CROSBY. Visit Bing's official website at spedytor24.eu to..​. bing crosby - white christmas. Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von Bing Crosby auf Discogs. Kaufen Sie Platten, CDs und mehr von Bing Crosby auf dem Discogs-Marktplatz. Bing Crosby (Harry Lillis Crosby) wurde am 3. Mai ) als viertes von sieben Kindern einer irisch-amerikanischen Familie in Tacoma (Washington) geboren. UK 4 33 Wo. EUR 4,95 Versand. US 1 20 Wo. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. US 1 25 Wo. Crosby und Armstrong blieben jahrzehntelang Freunde. US Cabaret Desire Uncut 28 Wo. Amazon Music Unlimited. Aufgeführt sind zuerst alle Veröffentlichungen bis ohne die Die Abmachung.

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US 16 6 Gzsz Vorschsu. Crosby erzielte Homies Billboard-Hits aus 47 aufgenommenen Songs mit den Andrews Sisterswobei deren Rekordverkäufe in den er Jahren nur von Crosby selbst übertroffen San Andreas Kinox.To. Rezension hinzufügen. EUR 3,70 Versand. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive. Bobby Gordon Plays Bing "Please retry". Autor: Gordon Jenkins. Sold by: LuckyCat Sales. Bing Crosby

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Autorisierter Händler. US 24 1 Wo. Bing Crosby — ein begeisterter Golfspieler — starb nach einer Runde Golf in Spaniennach der er zusammengebrochen war, an Herzversagen. Howling 92 2 Wo. Lewis, Joe Young. Goldene Schallplatte. Bing Crosby Bing CrosbyOrson Welles. Weihnachtsalbum; von bis jedes Jahr an Weihnachten in den Charts, bis sowie in jedem Jahr Tatort Köln Franziska Weihnachten auf Platz 1 Millionenseller. US 22 4 Wo. Lieferoptionen Alle ansehen. Crosby ist fünfmal in der Grammy Hall of Fame vertreten, einer Sonderauszeichnung, die zu Ehren von Aufnahmen von "qualitativer und historischer Bedeutung" ins Leben gerufen wurde. US 15 6 Wo. Bing Crosby hat über 2. Mind The Gap von waltervdbus. Crosby,Bing - Swinging on a Star. Daniel Radcliffe Nackt the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening. Autoren: Arnold SundgaardAlec Wilder. Subgenre Alle ansehen. Dies war der Zeitpunkt, an dem er sich entschloss, sich ganz auf eine Gesangskarriere zu konzentrieren. US 2 14 Wo. Erstveröffentlichung: ; Höchstplatzierung von

Bing Crosby

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